We manage investments not a private equity fund*

  • We work on project basis – once we identify a good investment opportunity, we invest funds required for the growth and, if appropriate, attract co-investors (high net-wealth private individuals, institutional or strategic investors) on investments above EUR 3million.
  • We trust our partners, involved in the management of business, in which we are investing. We never go into business without having a partner that understands the business.
  • We add value through passionate involvement in a company's strategic decision making and operating philosophy. We do not seek to be significantly involved into a management of business but are prepared to help as needs emerge to restore financial health of the business and growth of its capitalization.

Traditional PE funds raise money for potential investments long before investments are made. As a result, substantial un-invested funds are idle and bring low returns initially.



We do not invest to run a business. We help to put in place and empower the best management team and provide capital and support to increase competitiveness of our companies. We offer unique benefits to our investment and investing partners, beginning with our more than 15 years of corporate equity investing and M&A experience in Eastern Europe. In addition we bring:

  • Accelerated decision making: in the online business which develops more dynamically than most of other businesses, time is of paramount importance. We aim to help our companies quickly through decision-making process that has no internal bureaucracy larger funds have thanks to entrepreneurial spirit and investment banking background of founding partners.
  • Strategy advice and support: We share insights and knowledge to our management teams. Understanding of what needs to be done to ensure financially advantageous exit strategy which stems from the past experience of our founding partners in M&A business.
  • Powerful network: relationships with hundreds of companies and individuals in Eastern and Western Europe that is potentially important in structuring and operating successful business ventures.


  • We are in a very good reach. With our head office located in Riga (Latvia) we are close geographically-wise to our existing and potential investments. Given well established links from Riga to Moscow and Kiev, we are very flexible in meeting our partners in person once needs emerge.
  • Our team is fluent in Russian and English which allows us to effectively work with companies and partners in the Eastern Europe.