A passionate investor in highly dynamic online businesses in Eastern Europe

Creator Capital Partners (CCP) focuses on early and growth stage investments in companies based in Eastern Europe whose growth is dependent on their development of online business. CCP is a hands-on investor that brings wealth of experience to help young high potential companies to grow their business and tap into opportunities not yet identified.


CCP provides capital, knowledge and experience from its partners, investment companies and the team. We partner with owners and other investors that can benefit from our entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of Eastern European markets and experience of operating in these markets for over 15 years. We believe that as Eastern Europe and in particular Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states continue to develop, these markets considered as home markets by us, are offering increasingly attractive investment opportunities with premium growth.


We support new ideas and well-executed entrepreneurial plans, and identify unique investment opportunities alongside with talented management teams and strategic corporate partners. We look to lead or co-lead investments and are happy to partner with other financial or strategic investors. We do not have a pre-defined horizon for exit strategy (i.e. can stay as investors as long as necessary).


We look for and focus on:

  • initial start-up and high growth/expansionary phases;
  • initial investments in the range from €0.2- €3m, with follow-up investments up to €15m in equity expected in private companies seeking capital to fund growth;
  • businesses based in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics;
  • 25%+ shareholding and consider both control and minority stakes;
  • minimum return on investment above 30% p.a.